Our team is just that, A Team.

We all people form have different backgrounds, skills, experiences, and personalities, and together we offer a vast range of skills. Our success has been as much about our team as anything else - clients enjoy working with us!

dkinteriorandconstruction.com employs skilled workers with years of building and remodeling experience. We offer complete design services, with architectural and interior design consultants on staff. Our building staff includes carpenters, cabinet makers, and millwork experts who specialize in the skills needed for remodeling and expanding existing homes with architectural sensitivity and up-to-date efficiency. We have built partnerships with finest suppliers provide us with high-quality materials and services. Our extensive resources allow homeowners a wide selection of products and materials.

dkinteriorandconstruction.com provides a supportive work environment for experienced creative professionals you may contact Shameem Khan for your career with dkinteriorandconstruction.com. You can send your resume on info@dkinteriorandconstruction.com